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Exploring Hypercube

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Development Updates this week

This week I have utilized ray marching technique with the 4D implementation method I learned from @JelleVermandere and @SebastianLague youtube channels, and created a hypercube.

The video is a screen recording of the hypercube I created in Unity scene view.

The position/rotation of the cube is manipulated with a w float variable and a wRotation Vector3 variable applied to the distance function of the hypercube.

Problems with Current Development

1) Collision Detection with 4D objects

Since ray marching is a method that uses shader programming to manipulate pixel displacement on camera, so simply put: It only affects the mesh of the object.

- Solution: To create collision/physics with those objects, we only need to generate physics in the player's perspective to save development time and game performance. My possible approach is to generate colliders on the player that detect the existence of 4D objects based on the returns of their distance function.

2)Rendering cost for 4D objects

Since rendering 4D objects requires a higher GPU, this will be a problem if we want to make this game accessible to others.

- Solution: still exploring...

Future Exploration Topics


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