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Research Final Showcase

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Development Update this week


  • Created a slide deck for the concept of Visualization and Gamification of 4D world [Link]

  • [Project Trailer]

  • Presented at the EECS 499 Design Expo

  • Showcased at the EECS 494 Showcase [Link]

  • [Github repo] to make your own 4D game in Unity

Feedbacks from the Design Expo and Showcase

  • Some players were unable to play/run the game due to the spec limitation

  • Without an in-game tutorial, some players were confused with the controls and how to use the mechanics

  • Iteration on the collision detection

  • Implement more levels

  • Add a title screen

  • Camera view sometimes blocked by wall between player and the camera

Future Iterations

I think based on the feedback I got during the showcase, most people enjoyed the game but found it hard to play through the whole levels without getting confused. One thing I will invest heavily on in the future is the user interface and in-game tutorial to better showcase the control and concept before letting the player dive into the level puzzles. Maybe I will add a few easier simpler levels before the garden level to achieve this objective. I will also add more level design ideas into the future levels, and I will continue updating this game as much as I can. For the performance perspective, my plan is to ask more people with different specs to playtest the levels and see how their experience varies. Based on their feedback, I will attend to adjust the quad resolution value in comparison with the number of ray marched objects in the scene to find the right balance that can satisfy the maximum number of spec setup.


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