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Raymarch Shader Update

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Development Updates this week


1. Implemented Transparency to Raymarch Shader

I added a transparency setting into the current raymarch shader and then calculated the correct transparency based on global distance and local distance from raymarched shapes.

2. Added Non-Colliding Option to Raymarch Shape Script

I separated the shape list of raymarch collider with the shape list of raymarch shader based on the boolean value “collide” in Shape class. So now objects can be non-collidable as well. And implementing both the transparency and non-collidable functionality can be useful for my upcoming new level.

Level Design

Creating More Complex Shapes Using Raymarched Object

I read through this blog post by Jamie Wong on Ray Marching and Signed Distance, and learned some new ways of constructing interesting raymarched shapes. And I will be implementing those design in my new level.

Here's my result:


1. Raymarched and Signed function:

2. Raymarch Combine() function:


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