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Second Level Development

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Development Updates this week

Iterating Level 1

  • Change the four dimension mechanic control from space bar to comma and period, where pressing comma will decrease in w axis and pressing period will increase in w axis

  • Fixed walking animation so it triggers with both WASD and arrow keys

  • Fixed bug for player glitch out of wall when colliding with walls from left or right: my solution was adding tags to both right/left/back of the player to identify different collision detection based on which side player collides

void RayMarch(Transform[] ro)
    int nrHits = 0;

    for (int i = 0; i < ro.Length; i++)
        Vector3 p = ro[i].position;
        float d = DistanceField(p);

        if (d < 0) //hit
            if(ro[i].tag == "Back")
                 transform.Translate(ro[i].forward * -d, Space.World);
             else if (ro[i].tag == "Left")
                 transform.Translate(ro[i].right * -d, Space.World);
             else if (ro[i].tag == "Right")
                 transform.Translate(ro[i].right * d, Space.World);
                 transform.Translate(ro[i].forward * d, Space.World);

Working on Level 2

  • Working on a new level: in level 2, I focused the four dimensional shift based on the moon. Based on this design, I want to implement some daytime/nighttime shifts and different events triggered by this shift.

  • Current idea: I want to add some moving objects into the game, so I plan to add two animals into the game, one will be the predator and one will be the target. Their behavior will be affected by the time shift, so the outcome can be more dynamic and more interesting puzzle solving to find the key

Objectives for next week

1. Polish Level 2

2. Start designing level 3


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