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Audience Information

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

VR Game Developers

VR games mostly aim on creating the immersive experience for players. However, while the player is exploring an open world environment, the reality of limited space would be a problem for the gameplay experience. VR game developers are usually composed of indie game studios and large game companies. Since VR game customers value the “breaking the fifth wall” experience, implementing a way to break the illusion of space would be a good approach for VR games. VR game developers usually obtain fundings from their companies/investors.

  1. 4D Room Escape: By implementing the 4D/hyperbolic concept, the 4D Room Escape game developers can benefit from the illusion of breaking limited space.

  2. Oculus VR

  3. Owlchemy Labs


  5. OZWE

Music Visualizers

VR can also be used as a tool to connect audience and performer during a musical performance, but it is not a widely affordable tool for a performance consisting of thousands of people. Using AR and 4D visualization functionality, the audience can better connect/understand the music from a performance.

  1. Renderforest

  2. Videohive

  3. Videobolt

  4. Wofox


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