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Interview with CodeParade

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Development Updates this week

Interview with CodeParade

CodeParade is the developer of the game Hyperbolica, he also runs a youtube channel that delivers game development contents. I am a big fan of his videos! I learned so much from his innovative game projects on his channel. So I was super excited to conduct an interview with CodeParade. Hyperbolica is a 3D first-person higher dimensional game that focuses on non-euclidean geometry and hyperbolic space. Here are what I learned from our interview:

1. Collision detection for Hyperbolica

CodeParade uses the stereographic projection mapping function to compute the collision detection. In details, he sends the transformation matrix under normal 3D space to the stereographic projection mapping and sends back the computed matrix to generate colliders for objects. Moreover, he utilizes the Poincaré conjecture theory on hypersphere that bounds the unit ball in four-dimensional space.

However, according to CodeParade, this method of collision detection is quick and “messy” as it has multiple underlying problems that may appear as roadblocks for future development. This way of implementing collision causes the player to be the single point of collision interactable object in the whole game, so this design will limit more game mechanics and interactable objects by player.

2. Game design choices to keep Hyperbolica engaging and fun

CodeParade implemented an underlying story driven quest that motivates the player to discover and learn in the hyperbolic world. He also added many minigames that relate Hyperbolica to other more familiar genres of game, so players wouldn’t feel the pressure to adapt a high density of new information while playing the game.

Objectives for next week

1. I will continue working on collision detection for 4D objects to achieve better collision results.

2. I will start experimenting game ideas combined with the current experiment results.



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