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First Level Polished

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Development Updates this week

Polished Level 1

The goal for this game will be for the astronaut to find the key to enter portals and eventually find its way home.

  1. Added a visual UI indication for when player presses the spacebar to manipulate the fourth dimension

  2. Added a collectible system: players can manipulate different types of objects based on what collectible they collect, like sun, plants….

  3. Added some new mechanic to the fourth dimension setting, so now the player can use the fourth dimension to control time based on the objects:

    1. Player can control the size of the sun, if the sun shrinks, the environment will change from spring to winter

  4. Added a key object, so the player has to find the key and the portal for the next level.

  5. Added visual objects and animations for season changing

  6. Implemented a script for gradient change based on W direction change

Play the downloadable build here:

Fixing the WebGl build with LRP shader and Camera Texture Buffer Remapping

I tried to build a web build for this game, and it only shows me a black screen.

After I looked into this issue, it seems the Unity 2020 version changed how it encodes in Webgl and currently the system automatically uses the mapping to the camera, so it’s not working for texture buffer remapping at runtime. I tried to downgrade the project to the 2019 unity version, but the LRP shader I used is only compatible with the 2020 version. So now my solution is to only provide a downloadable build and wait for unity to fix this issue.

Objectives for next week

1. Build Level 2

2. Add a title screen

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