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Floney Yang

University of Michigan Ann Arbor 2021


  • Software Engineer at Microsoft

  • Co-founder and Game Developer at HardBoiled Studios

  • Artist at heart



  • 1st Place

Won 1st place with game Yolked in Student Games Showcase 2020 at University of Michigan.

  • 1st Place

Won 1st place with game Back2Back in the WolverineSoft 2020 Shammy Game Jam at the University of Michigan.


[ Software Engineer ] [ Game Developer ] [ Concept Artist ]





Yolked is a physics-based, action-adventure platformer that follows the journey of an egg.


Yolked won 1st place at the Student Games Showcase hosted by Umich.


Yolked is on track to release Steam and Nintendo Switch by Q2 2022 with Publisher Hitcents.


  • Circular queue based object pooling system

  • Physics based arm movement

  • Inverse kinematics animation

  • Serializable saving system

  • Enemy auto path finding 

  • Pub/Sub event management system

  • Costume collection


Project PLATO


  • Raymarch technique in shader programming to render 4D objects with a fourth spatial variable w using matrix manipulation and distance function

  • Collision detection without colliders by calculating distance between player and raymarch objects using ray origin

  • Gravity detection by simulating gravity force

  • Randomization of NPC allocations and movements

Project Plato is my research project on the topic of 4D visualization.

Inspired by Miegakure, this game is a 3D slice of a 4D world with puzzle-solving mechanic where the player controls the higher dimensional geometries in the fourth dimension in order to solve puzzles, find keys, and access the portal to the next level.




  • Fast Prototyping

  • Player movement/control

  • Health system


Back2Back is a web game made in 48 hours for a game jam.
Back2Back is an action-packed shooter minigame that follows these two buddies as they defend themselves against spikes and lasers. But there's a twist–you must control both players at the same time as they stand back-to-back.


Back2Back won 1st Place in the University of Michigan Shammy Game Jam.




  • Inheritance/Polymorphism based classes for input handler and command with decoupling design principle

  • Mesh Generation using ray casting with 3D math based edge detection

  • Ray casting enemy detection system

  • Enemy pathfinding

  • Enemy State Logic

Light is a puzzle-platformer maze game that controls a blue light bulb to find the key in a dark maze while avoiding enemies. 

Technical Design

Procedural Generation

[Technical Design]


  • Custom procedural generation algorithm

  • Loading system

This is a procedural generation algorithm I created for a world with terrain, skybox, foreground/background/upground objects. This procedural generation algorithm focuses on generating several features of the world:

  • All the foreground objects are randomly generated at any location in a circular flat terrain

  • All the background objects are randomly generated in a “donut” shape range where the circular flat terrain will be placed at the center

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